Australian Turf Club editorial photography Part 2

The Races magazine – Editorial Photography at Royal Randwick

Following on from the Rosehill shoot, we headed on over to Randwick Racecourse for some editorial photography of the new CEO of the ATC, Jamie Barkley.

With access to all areas we were able to visit parts of the of the venue ordinarily open only to the inner sanctum. This included walking the track surface itself, hallowed ground ordinarily reserved for horses and jockey’s.

The assignment was a great blend of a interesting editorial photographs, showcasing the spectacle and scale one of Sydney’s major sporting venues, Randwick Racecourse. Helped by the fact that Jamie was accessible and generous with his time on what was a particularly warm summer’s day.

We’ve included pages from the finished article, as well as some images not run in the story.

Both Rosehill and Randwick photo-shoots were commissioned and produced by CMMA.

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Food photography IGA Festive Season

We were enlisted by long time collaborators March One to work with them on the 2018 Christmas campaign for IGA. Food photography is my personal favourite. The multi-layered brief required us to cover stills while the TVC was being shot, as well as a stand alone 3 day shoot to cover images for the website, social media, and catalogue.


Andrew & Dave in action!

Within the brief for social media and website content, we had to create animations and short instructional videos.  For the 3 day shoot we hired a house in Bronte. It provided a kitchen to suit the work and also allow us different areas to shoot in.

Kai, worked hard on the styling for the food photography making sure everything was ready at the right time. One of the ice-cream cakes wanted to melt very quickly and caused us some issues, for example, but also showed us we needed to do the 2nd one in a different way.

For the stills content, Christmas decorations in the styling were to be kept to a minimum as it was to be used over the whole summer holiday season, not just in the run to Christmas. We used pieces from the “how to” videos we were making to style and decorate the final food products and show in a real way how they can be used. Things like chocolate cups to build the banofie pie in, or how to glaze and carve a ham.


Kai & clients pondering cheese placement

The shoot went fairly smooth all in all, with 3 of us from the studio on hand, we didn’t run into any real problems.


Kai’s cutlery collection

TVC stills were shot around Taren Point and surrounding areas. We captured behind the scenes shots of the whole shoot, building a library of stills that could be used in various ways to support the TVC. Between shots, we needed to get some options of stills for a catalogue cover using the talent that was booked for the TVC so it all tied together.



One of the biggest challenges on the day was to work around the very busy film crew (Ideas of Dean) who had to cram lots of scenes into one long shooting day, so there was no time to stop or for us to hold them up at all.  Add to this how many people were actually involved on the TVC part of the shoot and it made for an interesting long day. In the end we got the shots for the cover that were needed as well as a huge range of other stills that can be used to support the TVC and give the whole campaign a consistent look and feel.


Awesome to work with this guy, so professional.

Cheers, Andrew.


Jeans for Genes ad campaign

4 year old boy with genetic disorder smiling

Sydney agency March One commissioned us to photograph the loveliest group of kids for the “Jeans for Genes” campaign.  Each child that appears in the print ads has a genuine genetic disease, some of them life threatening.

6 year old girl with leukaemia advertising jeans for genes day

We always enjoy shooting alongside the film crew from Ideas of Dean who were filming the ad for TV/cinema/web. The separate crews took it in turns working with each child to and try and capture their wonderful personalities.  

6 year old boy with autism for jeans for genes day

We came away from the day feeling privileged to have met these great kids and their families. It was a reminder not to take little things for granted, which these kids can’t. We loved seeing their gorgeous faces on the finished banners lining the streets of the city.  Jeans for Genes Day is coming up on Friday 3rd August (tomorrow!!), please give generously if you can – Jason.

Jeans for genes advertising banners on Castlereagh st Sydney


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CEO Photography

Photographing CEO’s and Executives is a Studio Commercial specialty.

A typical photo-brief for CEO photography, often runs something like this:

 “Capture a range of eye-catching environmental portraits that are both flattering and creative. They should suitable for use across multiple formats and applications such as press releases, websites, and annual reports. Oh, and by the way, our subject only has half an hour available in their schedule!”.  

Clearly, the more time we have, the more options we can explore. But given the trend of underlying urgency, we have developed methods that allow us to maximise whatever we have available. Years of experience have allowed us to arrive at a location and choose the best spots  and bring together creativity, communication, and technical skills.

Often, commissioning a photographer can be a daunting task for the person who’s job it is to do so, especially if they’re new to the role. We’d love to be involved in your project so you can breath easy, safe in the knowledge that you are in the best possible hands.

Here’s a selection of CEO images we’ve recently captured, hope you enjoy 🙂


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KONE Elevators

KONE Elevators are on the up… (yes we’re not fond of newspaper style headlines either but there you have it). An interesting shoot none the less for Kone Australia brochures.

Dr Karl photoshoot

In studio with the lovely duo of Nina and Jo at Mahlab for Active Retirees magazine. We were all looking forward to this shoot for weeks. After years of tuning into Triple J every Thursday to hear the man himself, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki talk all things science, I had the pleasure to photograph him!!! 😀

The energy Dr Karl brought to the shoot was amazing, he’s one of the nicest and most energetic people we’ve had the pleasure of photographing. Dr Karl is THE trivia night secret weapon, we all felt considerably more knowledgeable following the shoot after listening to countless stories on any subject that came up! Here are a few of the resulting images –


… and what better way to finish a shoot than with a team shot 😉

Diving Australia - Rio 2016 Australian Olympic Diving Team

I felt quite privileged having the opportunity to photograph the Australian Rio 2016 Olympic Dive Team! Currently representing us in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Melissa Wu, Anabelle Smith, Brittany Broben, Esther Qin, Domonic Bedggood, Kevin Chavez and by no means last Grant Nel were all in studio for an energetic photo session.

With Diving Australia’s CEO, David Bell as art director our aim was to capture strong emotive portraits of the team. The key here was selecting the right lighting that would accentuate the defined muscle tone that these elite athletes have. Here are a bunch of the resulting images, Cheers Dave 🙂

Melissa Wu

Anabelle Smith

Brittany Broben

Esther Qin

Domonic Bedggood

Kevin Chavez

Grant Nel

The Ladies

The Gents

The Team

and a photo of me getting it done 😀



Location Photography at Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens with the power duo Nina and Jo from Mahlab Media, Jas & I had the privilege of photographing Costa Georgiadis from Gardening Australia for the October-November issue of Active Retirees.

The most fun we’ve have had on a shoot in a long time!!!  The energy and life that Costa brought to the shoot was amazing.

Jo standing in for the lighting test


We promised Costa that after we finished the shoot, we’d do a few shots of him and his 2 chickens (outside the Gardens), one of which ended up on the cover!


NIBA's IRP magazine

We’ve started doing creative portraits for the new “People Q&A” section in NIBA‘s Insurance & Risk Professional magazine.  Published by Mahlab Media, Graphic Designer Jack Pike wanted a “Time Magazine” feel for the portraits.  We get about an hour with the subject and have lots of fun exploring different poses, techniques and styles to achieve images that reflect the subject and the theme of the story.

Caroline O'Connor

Currently starring in the smash hit musical comedy “Anything Goes”, Caroline O’Connor took time out from her busy schedule to catch up with Journalist Jo-Anne Hui and Art Director Nina Christian from Mahlab Media for an interview and photoshoot for “Active Retirees” magazine.  Always the consummate professional, Caroline was a delight to work with and didn’t hesitate to jump into any pose we required!  A really enjoyable shoot.

Styling: Annette Twemlow

Hair and make-up: Lisa Toyer

MALE MODELS: David Helman and Joel Berliner

CLOTHES: Blue dress, jewellery and kimono, dinner suits: Vintage Clothing Shop

LOCATION: The Vanguard, Newtown

Brewster Murray Architects

We were recently commissioned by our good friends at Rifle Media to execute the photography for the website re-design of Brewster Murray Architects.  The individual portraits and group shot were done in our Sydney Liverpool Street studios, whilst the staff working shots were done at BMA’s offices.  A very cost effective and enjoyable half day photoshoot produced an abundance & variety of great images to choose from for us to complete the final retouching.








Editorial fashion studio photography of Ita Buttrose wearing a fur

Ita Buttrose

At Studio Commercial we don’t only photograph Corporate Photography really well, we also do an amazing job Editorial photography.

Photographing in the Studio for this issue of Active Retirees “The Fashion Issue” with the power house duo Nina and Jo from Mahlab Media, we had the pleasure of photographing Australian legend Ita Buttrose for the cover.  Ita’s years of media and magazine experience showed as she taught us a thing or two during the shoot.


Zala Hair Extensions

We recently completed a series of before and after shots for Zala hair extensions. It was really interesting to see the transformation the extensions and a bit of make up had on the models overall look, you wouldn’t even think it was the same girl!  We had to try and match the look of the images with existing website images and make sure we got the colour of the extensions correct.

It was a fun shoot with plenty of people buzzing around in the studio from models to hair and makeup artists.

The extra behind the scenes photos are from Zalas Facebook page.

More info on the hair extensions


Champagne Jacquart on Board Qantas

Doing business can be thirsty work, and for those flying Qantas international Business, Champagne Jacquart will be offered on flights from mid April 2015. Studio Commercial was commissioned to shoot some publicity shots to celebrate this new partnership.

HRM - Human Resources Monthly

This shoot is a classic example of the quintessential corporate assignment. The brief was to photograph Karen Lonergan, Qantas International’s Executive Manager of HR on location at Qantas HQ Mascot. Images were destined for the cover and inside spread of the August edition of “Human Resources Monthly”. The newly completed Qantas offices offered some great photographic backgrounds which is always a nice starting point for a photographer and Karen herself was comfortable in front of the lens which also helped the shoot run smoothly.  I was really pleased with some solid imagery to illustrate the article, hope you agree 😉

HRM is published by Mahlab Media, art directed by Garry Humphrys.

Rebranding your Business

Rebranding can be a daunting task for any business. Your marketing person or team will most likely want to arrange photography and this is where we can help.

Collecting examples you like and doing a test shoot are good ways to achieve great results. Consider whether you only need profile pictures of your staff or if “scenario” shots are also desirable. Other options would be photographs of the board or of the exterior / interior of your workplace.

Best would be to plan the photography well ahead of schedule so that staff get enough notice to block out their time slot, go to the hair dresser etc..

The most cost effective way is to organise all photography over the same day or over several consecutive days. This will not only be more cost effective, but will also avoid disruption on the work floor over several sessions rather than doing the work over one or two shooting days.

Don’t forget to ask your photographer for advice on how to go about a photoshoot. We are more than happy to help to make run things as smoothly as possible.

We took the pictures below for a company that wanted to veer away from formal profile pictures to a more casual and relaxed feel. We photographed about 110 employees across four days.

Balmain Private

Balmain Private‘s business is providing online investments in stand-alone first mortgages.  For their website, they wanted to show a range of every day clients “virtually” choosing their online investments.  We provided full service for the client from finding models to hair & make-up to the photoshoot and retouching, a very fun shoot!

Annual Report time!!!

Annual report photography is one one of our specialties, we love doing it!

Here are just a few of our favourites, contact us now to discuss how we can help make your annual report look great.


nib Annual Report

Annual report photography nib 2 men in wetsuits holding surfboards walking along Nobbys beach Newcastle

Sydney’s Rifle Media once again commissioned Studio Commercial to undertake photography for NIB’s branding and Annual Report.  We spent a couple of glorious days in Newcastle doing the photoshoot, it was a lot of fun.  Here are some of our favourite images (and some behind the scenes pics).


Selling Houses Australia

Working with March One creative agency, we photographed the Selling Houses Australia hosts Shaynna Blaze, Andrew Winter & Charlie Albone for Foxtel’s Lifestyle channel print campaign. Here are a selection of images that were rolled out.

The Studio Commercial Action Figure Set!

Feel like a kid again these holidays with the Studio Commercial Action Figure Set!

It’s that time of the year again, time to relax and recharge, enjoy family and friends.

Thanks for your wonderful support again this year, we’ve really enjoyed working with you, looking forward to a busy 2014!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from the Studio Commercial team.

Our studio will be closing Friday the 20th of December 2013 (just after lunch, pop in for a beverage if you’re nearby!), returning Monday the 6th of January 2014, ready for action!

Stay safe,
Studio Commercial.

P.S. We have photographers on call over the break if anything comes up.

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from the Studio Commercial team.

WOW, the year has flown by, now is the time to relax and recharge, enjoy family and friends.

Thanks for your wonderful support this year, we’ve really enjoyed working with you, so roll on 2013!


To help get you in the mood, some nice Christmas quotes…

Edna FerberRoast Beef Medium
Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.

W. J. TuckerPulpit Preaching
For centuries men have kept an appointment with Christmas. Christmas means fellowship, feasting, giving and receiving, a time of good cheer, home.

Andy Rooney
One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don’t clean it up too quickly.


Our studio will be closing Friday the 21st of December 2012 (just after lunch, pop in for a beverage if you’re nearby!), returning Wednesday the 2nd of January 2013.

Peace out,

Studio Commercial

P.S. We have photographers on call over the break if anything comes up.

P.S.S. Thanks to Morgans Bicycles for the Velorbis we shot for them, not too late to buy one for Christmas!!

Doggy Style

Working with the brilliant creative minds at Mahlab Media, we found ourselves at Bicentennial Park in Glebe shooting the Oct/Nov cover of Active Retirees. Special shout out to Charlie, Honey and Birdie, our awesome K9 models!

Client study: Wedding Gifts Direct

Q: You mentioned that you tried three photographers before using Studio Commercial. What were the differences between our photography and the other photographers?

We did try three other photographers before Studio Commercial and there is no comparison! The others were expensive and unprofessional in comparison – one even forgot his lighting equipment! – and the images themselves were inadequate for our needs.

A: A good relationship with the photographer is very important to us. Photographers, in common with other professions, have different skills and areas of specialization. We realized this after trying a wedding photographer. A wedding specialist, highly skilled in photographing weddings, may not necessarily be the one to shoot a showroom or products!

On the other hand, Jason was fantastic. He knew exactly what we wanted, and was able to get it right the first time. The phrase ‘above and beyond the call’ comes to mind; for all that it is a cliché. He was willing to keep redoing the shoot until all involved were completely satisfied, and maintained a professional and friendly demeanor the entire time.

Q: What do you use your photography for and why is it important?

A: A host of things! We like to use clean, professional photos to showcase our showroom and storefront, and thus the images need to be a showcase for what we do. We are in the business of helping the dreams of couples for their wedding come true and any imagery we use is required bring this message across.

We also use photography for specials, gifts that we grant to our customers. Being an online business, we need good quality, crisp photos that showcase the quality of our range and highlight the nature of the gift selection we offer. A good example is this lovely picnic basket, which includes the bottle of Moët. Poor-quality images would give a poor impression and so they must meet the same standard as our service.

We also maintain a blog, which is the first place to go for news and updates about the range and services we offer. As such, its appearance must uphold the same quality as our product images and showroom; we need a quality sidebar photo. This is especially important for potential clients, as they must feel that they can trust us to assist with their wedding planning, and help with their special day.