Client study: Wedding Gifts Direct

Q: You mentioned that you tried three photographers before using Studio Commercial. What were the differences between our photography and the other photographers?

We did try three other photographers before Studio Commercial and there is no comparison! The others were expensive and unprofessional in comparison – one even forgot his lighting equipment! – and the images themselves were inadequate for our needs.

A: A good relationship with the photographer is very important to us. Photographers, in common with other professions, have different skills and areas of specialization. We realized this after trying a wedding photographer. A wedding specialist, highly skilled in photographing weddings, may not necessarily be the one to shoot a showroom or products!

On the other hand, Jason was fantastic. He knew exactly what we wanted, and was able to get it right the first time. The phrase ‘above and beyond the call’ comes to mind; for all that it is a cliché. He was willing to keep redoing the shoot until all involved were completely satisfied, and maintained a professional and friendly demeanor the entire time.

Q: What do you use your photography for and why is it important?

A: A host of things! We like to use clean, professional photos to showcase our showroom and storefront, and thus the images need to be a showcase for what we do. We are in the business of helping the dreams of couples for their wedding come true and any imagery we use is required bring this message across.

We also use photography for specials, gifts that we grant to our customers. Being an online business, we need good quality, crisp photos that showcase the quality of our range and highlight the nature of the gift selection we offer. A good example is this lovely picnic basket, which includes the bottle of Moët. Poor-quality images would give a poor impression and so they must meet the same standard as our service.

We also maintain a blog, which is the first place to go for news and updates about the range and services we offer. As such, its appearance must uphold the same quality as our product images and showroom; we need a quality sidebar photo. This is especially important for potential clients, as they must feel that they can trust us to assist with their wedding planning, and help with their special day.

Grand Designs - season 2

We enjoyed being involved in the Grand Design photo shoot for 2012, especially after we had such a blast for the award winning 2011 shoot.


Grand Designs Australia – series 2 – photoshoot from Studio Commercial.