Tips of the photography trade

Studio Commercial has been in business for forty odd years. Our studio has survived the change from film to digital, the global financial crisis and mullets.

This is what we’ve learnt along the way:

  • Always carry these to every photo shoot: gaffa tape, spare batteries, spare CF cards and more than one lens.
  • Having seven photographers is invaluable. When one of us has fallen ill and another staff member is holidaying in the Maldives, photo shoots continued, emails were answered by others.  Everything continues to run like clockwork.
  • As a photographer, be very clear about your contract, prices and terms and conditions. Every second client will expect to get all of the raw unedited images at no cost and you will have to explain your policy. If you see nothing wrong with this, you shouldn’t be in photography.
  • Be nice to your camera brand’s representatives. They have the potential to love and nurture you and your equipment or keep you guessing as to when you can pick up your camera. Unfortunately, in either scenario, they will never let on when the latest gear is coming out.
  • Arrive early to every shoot. Leave nothing behind (that may mean having a gear bag packed with used tape).

group of three men wearing winter clothing in city

Fashion Photo Shoot: Latitude

In late May we alluded to a fashion shoot that we can now talk about in all it’s glory.

Studio Commercial and the folks from Latitude Montagut took part in a three day fashion marathon.

We photographed twins Jordon and Zachary Stenmark and Nick Boogert against a multitude of changing backgrounds. The highlight was the amazing Seidler House; wedged atop a mountain in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, it was a beautiful piece of architecture. On the second day, we launched into look book shots and as it got darker, we hit the streets of Sydney to take some night life photos.

The third day was spent at the Sugar Mill, listening to 70s funk and mixing faux drinks for our models.

Enjoy the behind the scenes video and as always, let us know what you think.

Junk Clothing + Studio Commercial

We teamed up with Junk Clothing for a fashion photo shoot.

Eat Yourself Sexy Photo Shoot

It seemed odd to have freshly prepared lobster and salads at 7am on a Tuesday morning, but that’s just what was laid out on black perspex at the Foxtel Studios. We were photographing Sarah Wilson and a slew of women for her new TV show, Eat Yourself Sexy.

This was a photo shoot with a lot of moving parts and our thanks goes out to the crew at Foxtel that helped us juice up our lights. Thanks also to the Dynamix guys.

foggy bush landscape with gum trees

Winter Newsletter

Hi guys,

We launched our winter newsletter a couple of weeks ago.

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Magazine cover: Active Retirees

It took around 45 minutes from start to finish to nail this photo for the cover of Active Retirees. Pieter and Cameron helped out, which was great because there was gale force winds. If it wasn’t for them, the reflectors and other photography equipment would be somewhere in the stratosphere.

Thanks to Active Retirees and Mahlab for the photo shoot.

This was shot on a golf course in Willahra, Sydney.