Beautiful day for a mud bath!

Last weekend we headed off to cover the latest “Tough Mudder” obstacle course event in Glenworth Valley for Panasonic, about 80km north of Sydney.

The first obstacle was just the battle to get there…. with over 12500 people and a one lane dirt road into the venue it took what seemed like an eternity to travel the last 5km from the freeway exit.

We were there to get shots of “The world’s Toughest Tax return” where Rob Emphrams would file his Tax return whilst participating in the event using a Panasonic Toughbook laptop.

From an observers point of view, the course was every bit as tough as the course organisers would have you believe, and even dirtier than I could have imagined.

At one point  near the end  of the course, the scene looked like a sea of muddy zombies emerging from the grave, and I’m certain many of the competitors felt the part too.

Impressively the laptop did survive the punishment and Rob was able to file his return electronically.

Sunset Boulevard

In this addition of Junks Seasonal look book we made the Princes Highway Tempe look like Sunset Boulevard Hollywood.

Hello Summer!

Secret Meat Business "ssshhhhh"

Down a grimy alleyway in the dark of night you never know what you may find. In this case it was more pleasant than expected! The smell of sizzling Wagu, finely sliced Lardon and the Meat Maestro himself, Celebrity chef Adrian Richardson.

Perched on a ladder in the middle of the street, I found myself using phrase’s such as “Can you show me more meat?” and “Could you move your sausage to the left?”.

Thanks to Adrian, the crew and Dynamix for a really cool shoot.

Coffee of the month

This month’s coffees are from Papua New Guinea and my favourite, Panama.  Why is it my favourite?  It roasts so nicely, great as a shot or with milk and never fails to impress with outstanding flavour.  Plus you can’t help singing “Panama” by Van Halen while enjoying, pop into the studio for one and sing it with us!