Rebranding can be a daunting task for any business. Your marketing person or team will most likely want to arrange photography and this is where we can help.

Collecting examples you like and doing a test shoot are good ways to achieve great results. Consider whether you only need profile pictures of your staff or if “scenario” shots are also desirable. Other options would be photographs of the board or of the exterior / interior of your workplace.

Best would be to plan the photography well ahead of schedule so that staff get enough notice to block out their time slot, go to the hair dresser etc..

The most cost effective way is to organise all photography over the same day or over several consecutive days. This will not only be more cost effective, but will also avoid disruption on the work floor over several sessions rather than doing the work over one or two shooting days.

Don’t forget to ask your photographer for advice on how to go about a photoshoot. We are more than happy to help to make run things as smoothly as possible.

We took the pictures below for a company that wanted to veer away from formal profile pictures to a more casual and relaxed feel. We photographed about 110 employees across four days.