Food photography IGA Festive Season

We were enlisted by long time collaborators March One to work with them on the 2018 Christmas campaign for IGA. Food photography is my personal favourite. The multi-layered brief required us to cover stills while the TVC was being shot, as well as a stand alone 3 day shoot to cover images for the website, social media, and catalogue.


Andrew & Dave in action!

Within the brief for social media and website content, we had to create animations and short instructional videos.  For the 3 day shoot we hired a house in Bronte. It provided a kitchen to suit the work and also allow us different areas to shoot in.

Kai, worked hard on the styling for the food photography making sure everything was ready at the right time. One of the ice-cream cakes wanted to melt very quickly and caused us some issues, for example, but also showed us we needed to do the 2nd one in a different way.

For the stills content, Christmas decorations in the styling were to be kept to a minimum as it was to be used over the whole summer holiday season, not just in the run to Christmas. We used pieces from the “how to” videos we were making to style and decorate the final food products and show in a real way how they can be used. Things like chocolate cups to build the banofie pie in, or how to glaze and carve a ham.


Kai & clients pondering cheese placement

The shoot went fairly smooth all in all, with 3 of us from the studio on hand, we didn’t run into any real problems.


Kai’s cutlery collection

TVC stills were shot around Taren Point and surrounding areas. We captured behind the scenes shots of the whole shoot, building a library of stills that could be used in various ways to support the TVC. Between shots, we needed to get some options of stills for a catalogue cover using the talent that was booked for the TVC so it all tied together.



One of the biggest challenges on the day was to work around the very busy film crew (Ideas of Dean) who had to cram lots of scenes into one long shooting day, so there was no time to stop or for us to hold them up at all.  Add to this how many people were actually involved on the TVC part of the shoot and it made for an interesting long day. In the end we got the shots for the cover that were needed as well as a huge range of other stills that can be used to support the TVC and give the whole campaign a consistent look and feel.


Awesome to work with this guy, so professional.

Cheers, Andrew.