Here’s our top five list of why, as photographers, we do our retouching in-house:

1/ End to end Process: We get involved in your image creation from the start of the process to the finalised file. The things you would like to pay special attention to during the photo shoot can be seamlessly emphasised in the retouching. This is an ideal work flow which allows positive details and images that pop.

2/ Experience: Every photographer at Studio Commercial has an average of 13 years in the field.

3/ Instant Feedback: Because your photographer and retoucher work in the same studio there is a constant dynamic feedback that can’t be replicated by sending images overseas or across cities. We extend this level of feedback to our clients.

4/ High Quality: Our photographers are thoroughly trained and we foster a community of knowledge as the latest software and techniques evolve. Check out our retouching portfolio for the proof in the pudding.

5/ We don’t cut corners: We go the extra mile in our retouching, which is the only way to go for the highest quality images. The last thing you want is for your images to look fake or unrealistic.