The Benefits of Corporate Headshots—and Where to Get Professional Business Portraits in Parramatta

When was the last time you got your entire team together for a group shot or hired a photographer to take corporate headshots of everyone at your business? Even for small companies, there can be considerable benefits to investing in corporate headshots. Too often, though, companies let years go by without updating their professional portraits. At Studio Commercial, we are proud to offer our services as a corporate portrait photographer in Parramatta. Below, we’ve jotted down a few reasons why corporate headshots are such a smart investment for your business.

The Impact That Professional Portraits Can Have on Your Business

Some businesses skip professional portraits in Parramatta because of the cost. Others put off updating their group and individual photographs because they can’t find room in the schedule. Regardless of the reason for not having headshots or group shots, the fact is that professionally taken photos of your team can have substantial benefits that last far beyond the photo shoot. Here are a few of those benefits:

  • Business portraits or headshots have many possible applications: Maybe you are updating your website and want current photos of the staff to include. Perhaps you want to unify the LinkedIn profiles for all your executives by ensuring that each has a similar (and similarly professional) profile picture. From websites to brochures to social networks, you never know when you are going to need a professional photo for one of your team members. If your CEO is speaking at a conference, he or she might be asked to provide a headshot for the program or website. If one of your team members is being interviewed for a newspaper or magazine article, he or she might need to provide a photo for that, too. Having professional photos for any of these applications will reflect well on both the individual and the company as a whole.
  • Business portraits add a personal touch to your website: One of the biggest reasons to schedule corporate headshots in Parramatta is how much photos of your personnel can improve your site. Not only is it always good to have visual elements on your website but including pictures of your employees—on a ‘meet the team’ page or something similar—adds a personal touch to the site. You tell customers or clients that you value your employees, give them a sense of who they will be working with and provide a point of contact for them to reach out to, if necessary. Giving your business a face in this fashion will lead to more conversions and more business.
  • Business portraits make a good first impression: Professional headshots send an implicit message that your company cares about quality and professionalism. No matter what industry your business occupies, this message is undoubtedly one that you want to send.

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