They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. In today’s digital landscape where a single image can span the globe in a matter of seconds, investing in a professional product photographer from Sydney’s Studio Commercial positions your brand at the forefront of where your customers browse, convene, and spend money.

We’re five mates passionate about photography who have developed Studio Commercial as AIPP Accredited Professional Photographers. We bring our specialised technique and industry knowledge from corporate, editorial, fashion, product, and advertisement photography to create captivating images for businesses around the world.

Exceptional Product Photography out of Sydney

While billions of pictures are posted to the internet every day, only a handful become notable images. We understand that our clients are proficient at their product and service, not necessarily the impact of lighting, perspective, and angle or in possession of the equipment to turn the mundane into the magical. Studio Commercial assists in every step of the photography and production process. We’ll write a photography brief, scout locations, organise and facilitate the shoot, and perform all post-production.

Meet with our product photographer about your Parramatta business’ project. During the pre-shoot meeting, we’ll get a sense of your brand, the specific product’s features, special requests, and the marketing campaign where you’ll use the image. Next, the five of us collaborate drawing on current trends, techniques, and a keen awareness of what the competition is doing. You can expect an expedient and detailed quote for your approval.

As we prepare for the shoot, we’ll work with you to organise the logistics. Will this be shot on-location? Are people involved? Alternatively, you made find it easiest to capture your product photography at our Sydney studio. Spacious with high ceilings, textured walls, a large cyclorama, and a wide selection of backdrops, our home studio offers reliable lighting and endless flexibility in a private environment.

On the day of your shoot, just show up with the product(s). Before you arrive, we will have performed all the lighting at colour pre-tests necessary so that we can get started right off. Be prepared for shoots to take time as we look for unique and diverse angles and lighting saturations to draw the most complimentary image. We capture many images so that you have ample options to choose from in the next stage.

Quality and Support from Studio Commercial

You’ll get a copy of all the proofs from the shoot. Select the image(s) you want to use for your campaign, and we’ll set to work with post-production. Generally, we’ll touch up blemishes and fix any weird lighting or shadows apparent in the proof. If you want drastic post-production enhancements, be sure to talk to our professional product photographer before going back to Parramatta. Once the image is to your satisfaction according to the agreed upon project, you’ll receive our final invoice.

We’re happy to support local photographers working on projects. We offer our studio for hire at half-and full-day bookings. You get access to essential photography equipment with package options for additional equipment and permissions as desired. Catering is available at a per-person fee. Contact us for details including how to book our kitchen for food shoots.