Professional Business Portraits by Corporate Photographer Based in Sydney

In business, appearance is half the battle. Images fuel our global economy and dialogue; therefore, success depends on being part of the conversation. In a marketplace where everyone has a high-powered camera in their pocket, the easy days of point and shoot digital photography aren’t enough. Make sure you’re leading with your best foot forward with business portraits from Sydney’s Studio Commercial. We’ve worked with businesses locally and internationally to boost their commercial presence and get them in front of their target audience.

Capture Stunning Professional Portraits in Sydney Studio

We approach each project with fresh eyes to ensure a personalised experience with each client. Each project starts with a pre-shoot chat where you’ll meet with your corporate portrait photographer to discuss your brand, intended portrait use, and any ideas or vision you may have already developed. We recommend meeting at our Sydney studio to get a feel for our spacious and flexible layout featuring high ceilings, textured walls, a wide variety of coloured backdrops, multiple lighting setups, and a comfortable lounge area. If you require a different location for the shoot, we are happy to accommodate.

After the pre-shoot meeting, your corporate portrait photographer collaborates with the rest of the photography team on the project’s scope. We draw on our diverse backgrounds, your brand guidelines, current industry trends, and what the competition is doing to achieve comparable results. Once we’ve created the blueprints for your shoot, we contact you with a detailed quote for the professional portraits pending your approval.

On the day of your shoot, just bring the subjects of your business portraits to our Sydney studio or agreed upon location. Before your arrival, we’ll run the test shots to make sure lighting is just right so that we can get started right away. During the shoot, we’ll take our time to get a wide variety of angles and perspectives so that you have plenty of proof footage of each subject for your selection.

Once you’ve selected the images you wish to use for the official professional portraits, we go in and perform post-production touch-ups. This includes reducing minor blemishes and correcting colour and lighting anomalies. Drastic or artistic post-production work is also available, so be sure to talk to your photographer. Imagination is your only limit.

Exceptional Quality and Professionalism from Studio Commercial

These aren’t for your grade school yearbook. Business portraits are used throughout your corporation’s internal branding and are sometimes used as iconography for the consumer market. Our corporate portrait photographer brings your Sydney enterprise to life. We take lighting, perspective, angles, and a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to turn your best features into a work of art. As a bonus, your team will love the experience of professional portraits captured in our luxurious Sydney studio.

Comprised of four mates, our photography specialties work together to create dynamic shots praised by well-known domestic and international brands. Each with our own expertise, we are AIPP Accredited Professional Photographers in business, fashion, editorial, advertisement, and product photography. We assist in the entire photography campaign from the preliminary photography brief through imaginative and dramatic post-production mark-up. By project conclusion, you’ll have a set of stunning business portraits ready for implementation at your Sydney hub, across the internet, and around the world.