How Pricing Works

The anatomy of a typical Studio Commercial shoot

Keen to get a quote on your next shoot and want to know how we price our projects?

After hearing what you want to achieve from the shoot we put our collective minds together to come up with a concept to get your message across.
This involves taking into account who your brand is, key clients/customers and what your competitors are up to as well.
Once we’ve got a concept together we send over a detailed quote for you to consider.

The Shoot
On the day we’ll set up the agreed upon background, lighting, styling and equipment to get the shots you’re after.
We’ll test each set up with our own crew to determine the best one for you, so the only thing you need to do is turn up on the day with your subject or product.
We reckon going out on a limb is key to getting the best shot sometimes. That’s why we like to capture a range of images and looks on the day so you have a wide selection to choose from.

No one knows what you’re after better than you, that’s why after the shoot you’ll get a proof of all the images taken on the day so you can select exactly which image we use for your project.
The photographer you worked with on shoot day will then retouch your selected images. Standard retouching includes colour correction, removal of minor skin blemishes etc. We also do drastic post-production, like changing the colour of a bottle or superimposing elephants in the sky. Just ask, nothing’s too weird.
The image is saved to your specifications (e.g. file size, quality) and sent you through the magic of the internet.

After all the post-production work is done and you’re happy with the results we’ll send you a final invoice.
Get a quote ASAP simply by contacting us.