How Often Should You Update Your Business Headshots—and Who Should You Hire as Your Professional Corporate Headshot Photographer in Western Sydney?

As the business world shifts increasingly toward the internet, face to face communication is falling by the wayside. We communicate via email, instant message, phone. We share fewer in-person appointments or meetings. Our identities are defined in large part by social media profiles and bio pages on websites. In this environment, the professional headshot is an increasingly important part of a person’s professional identity. A headshot allows clients, customers, partners or even co-workers or employers to put a face with a name. As headshot photographers in western Sydney, our team at Studio Commercial is exceedingly devoted to helping professionals capture who they are in a single photo.

Updating a Headshot: What You Need to Know

One of the questions we frequently get at Studio Commercial is ‘How often should I update my headshot?’ We hear it from everyone: from young professionals just starting to get their footing in the corporate world; to independent freelancers or consultants who rely on their headshots as their professional avatars; and corporate businesses that pay to take headshots and group shots for all their employees. We find that just about everyone needs a headshot, but no one is quite sure what the best practice is for updating those photos.

Understand that a professional headshot makes a first impression. It immediately establishes what people think of you or your employees. Those impressions might be inaccurate, but they are still important. As such, having a headshot that is attractive, up to date and professional is a must. Furthermore, your headshot needs to be something you are comfortable displaying as your professional ‘face’—not just online, but also in print materials related to your business. If you think your headshot looks awkward, or if you think you look different than you did when you took it, then it’s probably time for an update.

If you are wondering when to get business headshots in western Sydney, the answer is probably once every year or two. You want to be able to meet with new clients or customers and have them recognise you because they’ve seen your headshot. If you don’t look like your headshot, then a client could assume that you are trying to present yourself as being younger than you are, or that you just don’t care about updating your branding materials. Neither assumption is good.

If you run a business and regularly hire a photographer to take corporate headshots in western Sydney, you should probably make that an annual practice. Your staff can change a lot over the course of a year, and not just regarding appearance. Departures and new hires shake up your team and demand new individual shots and group shots. At Studio Commercial, we do both and would love to establish an ongoing relationship with your business.

Arrange Your Business Headshots in Western Sydney Today

If you are looking for a photographer that can handle your needs for professional headshots in western Sydney, give us a call at Studio Commercial. With a versatile team of photographers skilled in a range of different styles, we can help you or your business establish the right look. We look forward to hearing from you soon.