Mindfood double page spread

We jumped at the chance when Mindfood magazine approached us to do an editorial feature involving car photography. The simple brief asked us to capture the Maserati being tested by an every day person, Michael Merano. We needed to feature Michael with the vehicle, and at least 6-8 support shots with internals and lifestyle close-ups. “It doesn’t have to be in a park. In fact since it’s a Maserati, I would think somewhere chic and stylish, but I leave that to you guys to consider based on possibilities.”

After some pre-production phone calls with client and subject, and searching street view on google maps, we decided to shoot in the Vaucluse and Rose Bay area. 

There are always factors which are out of the photographer’s control when the location is in the outdoors, one being the weather. In this case luck was on our side when we had a break in the weather. We only had a 2 hr shoot window where the car and subject were available and no real backup options.… phew!

It’s also great to have an accommodating and relaxed subject which was the case with the subject and test driver Michael Merano.

Although car photography doesn’t feature heavily in Studio Commercial’s regular mix of work, we have a fondness of performance cars. There’s always extra motivation or should that be MOTORvation when the subject matter is of personal interest. Although it was hectic to get the shoot organised, at the end of the day we got the shot!

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